Award winning Audio Producer, based in Amsterdam.

A multi-instrumentalist composer and an ambitious sound experimenter, after a string of critically acclaimed professional appearances in the field of spatial augmented reality productions such as the World’s biggest 3d mapping show ‘Conquest of Istanbul'(2016), he decided to expand his experience in commercials and films. So far, he created audio productions for clients including Adidas, Samsung, Vodafone, KPN, Fox International Channels.




*2021 ‘tape_dreams_vol1’. EP by ‘lowkolos’. ‘tape_dreams_vol1’ is the first chapter of a conceptual album series where lowkolos attempts to translate his haunting dreams into an audio-narrative by using tape processing, experimental sampling techniques, accompanied by featuring artists and speakers. -Producer, Composer, Performer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Moqueno’. Single by ‘Melouie’. -Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Corrupt’. Single by ‘Murat Ötünç’. -Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘MASKING’. Audiovisual, new media art. Collaboration with ‘NAOWAO’. Whether physical, digital, or invisible, masks are a necessary tool that have become a part of us as social beings. The mask hides and, at the same time, reveals the self that lies inside. It is necessary to seek the inside to reveal the true self in order to understand our nature. When seeking the true nature of the individual, will the current abundance of both physical and digital diverse masks complicate this process, or will it aid the process by revealing more of the true self? -Audio Producer, Composer and Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘Kömür’. Single by ‘Tavana Basma’. -Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Adventures in Lo-Fi – Vol. 1’. An EP by ‘HOLY B’. -Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Telly Award Silver Cube Winner’. With the project “A Moment” Von Eusersdorff, collaboration with ‘Generous‘ and ‘Frank van Wanrooij’. -Audio Producer, Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘Yarın Uzaklarda’. Single by ‘Yank’. -Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘i6FTyou’. Animation video. ‘i6FTyou’ is a salute to everyone who has the strength and courage to keep a social distance of six feet. I 6FT YOU reminds us all that the love and respect we have for each other during this threatening pandemic is stronger than ever. -Sound Designer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Untold Story’. Audiovisual art. Collaboration with ‘NAOWAO’. ‘Untold Story’ is a single-channel video work. Through the form of audio-visual animation, using a form of an avatar as the main character, it explores the peculiar relationship between human beings and the use of masks. The project was inspired by how the role of masks is used to create prismatic identities in digital space. The audio track is designed with a single woman’s voice, which was altered to create multiple character voices. -Audio Producer, Composer and Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘HAXIM’. Concept album by ‘lowkolos’, ‘Yank’ and ‘Kamiel Rongen’. The entire album was created solely out of materials from a live improvised session by lowkolos, Yank and Kamiel Rongen at ’18m2′ and recorded to 3-track recorder. No additional materials were used in the post production, what you hear in the music was played live by performers at some mysterious frame of time and space. -Producer, Composer, Performer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Healing Music’. Concept album by ‘Bernhard Hollinger’. -Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Third Nature‘. Project by ‘Konstantin Guz‘. It was made with the excerpts from projects Wisdom in Silence, Fluidity and Untitled Experiment with No Image. The description and idea behind every project could be find on konstantinguz.com. -Sound Editor, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘“A Moment” Von Eusersdorff‘. Social media commercial for ‘Von Eusersdorff‘. Collaboration with ‘Generous‘ and ‘Frank van Wanrooij’. -Audio Producer, Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘Samsung Galaxy S20‘. Social media campaign and release for ‘KPN‘ and ‘Samsung‘. Collaboration with ‘Generous‘. -Audio Producer, Composer, Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘Magnetic Field’ ‘ACSEE Festival’. First International Video Mapping Contest in China 山西大同 Datong/Shanxi, 1st Prize Winner. Collaboration with ‘-V.P.M-‘. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2020 ‘SRG Deutschschweiz TV Commercial’. Campaign and TV Commercial for ‘SRG Deutschschweiz’. -Sound Designer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2020 ‘Yank – Durbak’. Single by ‘Yank’. -Mastering Engineer-

*2019 ‘Receive’. Holographic Display Project for ‘Looking Glass Factory’. Collaboration with ‘Flowen’. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2019 ‘Loradeniz – Fear, a Crystal Charm’. Single by ‘Loradeniz’. -Producer, Mixing Engineer-

*2019 ‘I am a tool of gentrification – WEST’. Project deals with the ramifications of gentrification in Amsterdam for the surrounding artist community. Experimental Documentary. -Sound Supervisor, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2019 ‘Untold Stories’. Audiovisual project for Theatre.js. Collaboration with ‘Flowen’. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2019 ’23. Yapı Kredi Afife Theater Awards’. 3d mapping Dance Performance. -Sound Designer-

*2019 ‘Kayra’nın Yolculuğu’. 3d mapping project for ‘Kayra Wines’. Collaboration with  ‘NewGen Creative’. -Sound Designer-

*2019 Nominated for ‘Art & Experimental Award’ in ’20minmax’ Short Movie Festival. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2019 ‘Dyrghé – What If’. Single by ‘Dyrghé’. -Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2019 ‘I am a tool of gentrification – NOORD’. Project deals with the ramifications of gentrification in Amsterdam for the surrounding artist community. Experimental Documentary. -Sound Supervisor, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2019 ‘XXX Stadszuur XXX’. Theater Play performed in an unusual place, ‘Kesbeke’ pickle factory in Amsterdam. -Composer, Performer-

*2018 ‘lowkolos – VIS INERTIA’. An alter ego called ‘lowkolos’, artist/producer in the field of electro-acoustic/electronic music and audiovisual experiences. ‘VIS INERTIA’ is the debut album of the journey. -Producer, Composer, Performer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

*2018 ‘Adidas Boost’. Motion Graphics Art Commercial for Adidas. Collaboration with ‘Maxim Zhestkov’ and ‘media.work’. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘M.R.N.A A/V Dance Performance I TURKCELL Ambassadors Summit 2018’. 3d mapping Dance Performance. Collaboration with ‘Bİ’ŞEYLER’. -Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘Wateren’ 3d mapping project for ‘Lichtkunstroute Den Helder’. Collaboration with ‘Noralie’. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘Utrecht Vikings’. 3d mapping project. Collaboration with ‘Light-Up Collective’. -Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘MovingSensing_Sequence05’. Motion Capture, Animation. Collaboration with ‘Bill Miller’. -Composer-

*2018 ‘Saudi National Day Celebration 2018’. 3d mapping show in Dubai Jeddah ‘The Ritz Carlton’. Guinness World Record attempt for the largest firework display. Collaboration with ‘Orora’. -Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘P.A.N.D.A’. Motion Graphics Art Installation. Collaboration with ‘Katerina Pits’. Exhibited at ‘Аукцион и Музей АРТ4’ Moscow. -Composer, Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘Buitenspel’. Short Movie. -Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer-

*2018 ‘MovingSensing_Sequence06’. 3D Modeling, Motion Capture, Animation, 360 Digital Video. Initial release: ‘Activatar’ Collaboration with ‘Bill Miller’. -Composer-

* 2018 ‘Media Sound Hamburg’. Worked with ‘Martín Hernández’ and ‘Frans Bak’.

* 2018 Nominated for ‘Young Talent’. Award in ‘Buma Music in Motion’. -Composer-

* 2018 ‘TIKA’ & ’15 Temmuz’. Dome Structure 360 Projection Mapping Shows for ‘Istanbul Youth Festival’. -Sound Designer-

* 2018 ‘Galata Tower Projection Mapping Show’. Collaboration with ‘Cream Studio’. Streamed online more than 400.000.000 views and honorable mention by ‘Paulo Coelho’. -Sound Designer-

* 2018 ‘Temple of Time’. 360 immersive experience (Director Cut) using 77.000 handmade unique design pieces of Girard-Perregaux’s watches.(SIHH-Geneve) Collaboration with ‘Ouchhh’. -Sound Designer-

* 2018 ‘Istanbul Youth Festival’. Motion graphics identity for Istanbul Youth Festival. Collaboration with ‘Cream Studio’. -Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Monolith’. Project mapping, LED lightning installation. (Inspired by Ukrainian Mathematician ‘Georgy Voronoy’. known for ‘Voronoi Diagram’. Installation is about experiencing existence of ‘Cell Structures’ from Voronoi’s perspective. Collaboration with motion graphics artist ‘Ethem Cem’. Exhibited in ‘Mix Festival’ Zorlu PSM Venue) -Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Dress’. Project mapping installation. (Individuals who struggle to build their distinctive personalities for themselves in our times and impacts on prejudiced people who misjudges them). Collaboration with ‘Ouchhh’. -Composer, Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Jello’. Single by  Loradeniz. -Producer, Composer, Performer-

* 2017 ‘Theta’. iMapp Bucharest 2017 (The world’s biggest architectural AI Performance collaborated with ‘Ouchhh’, Canadian Data AI Scientists Assoc. Prof. Phil Pass, Kıvanç Tatar and MASOM.) -Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Memorial to the July 15 Coup Attempt in Turkey’. 3d mapping projects. Simultaneously shown at prestigious locations such as the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Building. More than 6 million people attended these events which also aired live on more than 20 TV channels.) -Sound designer-

* 2017 ‘World Petroleum Congress 2017’. 3d mapping show. Collaboration with ‘Dream Box’. -Sound Designer-

* 2017/2018 ‘Hex’. 3d printed geometrical project mapping installation. (Inspired by German Geometer ‘Max Brückner’ who known for his collection of polyhedral models. Collaboration with motion graphics artist ‘Ethem Cem’ (Exhibited in ‘İstanbul Energy Museum’and ‘Mamut Art Project 2018’.) -Composer and Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Göçebe (Nomad)’. Feature-length film. -Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor and Foley Artist-

* 2017 ‘NESCAFÉ 3ü1 Arada Extra – Oyunlar Olsun Commercial’. Commercial for NESCAFÉ. -Sound Designer-

* 2017 Eczacıbaşı ‘3D Motion Branding For 75th Anniversary Corporate Film’. 3d Motion Branding. -Sound Designer-

* 2017 Arçelik ‘The New Generation of Home Appliances’. Commercial for Arçelik. -Sound Designer-

* 2017 ‘Fox International Channels Upfront Night’. Immersive show for Fox International. -Sound Designer-

* 2016 ‘Conquest of Istanbul 2016 3d Mapping Project’. 3d Mapping Show. (Fetih 563th is an annual celebration that gather half million people in the large esplanade of Yenikapi in Istanbul with 700 performers at once that include mechanical props, video mapping with firework synchronization.) -Sound Designer-

* 2016 Trivia. App game. -Composer and Sound Designer-

* 2016 ‘Crystal Apple Award Commercial’. Opening title for Crystal Apple Award. -Sound Designer-

* 2016 ‘Vodafone Digital Transformation ‘Dare to Dream’. Real-Time Face Tracking Immersive Show. -Sound Designer-

* 2016 ‘Yank – I/I’. Album by ‘Yank’. -Performer and Composer-

* 2016 ‘Loot Atelier’ Production Company. -Recording Engineer- (clients: Phillips Avent, Phillips Lumea, Allianz Insurance, Doritos, Pepsi Max)

* 2016 ‘Audiofil’ Audio Production Company. -Composer and Sound Designer-

* 2016 ‘Concrete’ (2014). Electro-acoustic composition. -Composer- (‘Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri’)

* 2015 ‘Bridge’ and ’Silivri’. Two single by Mert Gençer & Burak Irmak. -Producer, Composer, Performer, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer- (with Burak Irmak, ‘Yankı Bıçakçı’, Feryin Kaya, ‘Korhan Futacı’, ‘Alican İpek’ and ‘Loradeniz’).

* 2014 ‘Yağmur Duası’. Single by ‘Selim Saraçoğlu’. -Recording Engineer-

* 2014 ‘sleepdreamwake’. Concept album by Mert Gençer. -Composer, Performer, Producer, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer-

* 2013 ‘-limitless- Light Installation’. Installation by HFT Stuttgart University. -Composer and Sound Designer-

* 2006 – 2011 ‘Threetwofall’, ‘Sade’. Live bands. -Guitarist-


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