Project FooFoon
A conceptual & experimental music project. 3 act (track) musical story about the mysterious death of a young woman.

Act 1: Dive In
As our shady, lawless, and not entirely respectable detectives are patrolling the frosty, old city streets, a message is relayed on the police radio. The body of a young woman has been found under suspicious circumstances. Startled, the detectives gun the car up and burst upon the scene. As they enter the crime scene, they see a cold and blooded body lying motionless, almost serene. Just when they notice signs of a struggle, they hear a rattling noise behind the curtains. A man, bloodied hands and frantic eyes, shaking and crying in the shadow. He notices the detectives and immediately flees. The
chase begins.

Act 2: The Chase
The chase begins… After a long and painful chase, the detectives finally pick up the suspect and hit the police station for interrogation.

Act 3: Disentangle
The suspect starts telling what exactly has happened. The more he talks, the more he struggles with inner confrontation and grief for the dead. He knows that he isn’t guilty and he just wanted to help her, but now she’s dead and everything points to him. All the odds are against him. He realizes that there is no way out. He’s fucked.

All music composed, arranged and produced by Frank van Wanrooij & lowkolos (a.k.a. Mert Gençer)

Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Keyboards and Programming: Frank van Wanrooij
Electronics, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers and Programming: lowkolos (a.k.a. Mert Gençer)
Words and Narration: Andrew Carn
Trumpets and Flugelhorn: Ray Bruinsma
Saxophones (Alto, Tenor, Baritone) and Bass Clarinet: Leon Zautsen
Trombone: Andy Bruce
Clarinet and Synthesizers: Burak Irmak (Disentangle)
Drums: Alex Brajković (The Chase)
Drums: Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen (Dive In)
Electric Guitars: Selim Saraçoğlu (Dive In)

Horns recorded by Thomas Dippel at DippelStudio
Dive In’s drums recorded by Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen at SoundWise
Mixed and mastered by lowkolos (a.k.a. Mert Gençer)

Artwork Illustrations by Pier Brito
Artwork Graphic Design by Murat Ötünç